Honestly, I sort of backed into the genre. I came to it through my Sunday School teacher, who had a secret love for all things Stephen King, EC Comics, and Hammer horror movies. I published my first short story, “Soul Food”, in 1999 (reprinted in this year’s anthology, Dark Harvest) and have stories out in Weird Tales, Horror Literature Quarterly, the Dark Dreams anthologies, and Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest, as well as several upcoming projects. My novella, co-written with Wrath James White, Orgy of Souls, came out in June from Apex Books. I have a bias toward short stories.

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Also, Jay Lake posted a blog regarding a few semirandom thoughts regarding inventory. It got me thinking about my older stories still in circulation and the type of balancing of what kind of stories I want to be known for and what kind of career I want to have. A lot of what I’m doing now might be considered more fantasy than horror, as opposed to my older work which leaned more category horror. So am I giving fans of a certain type of story what they want in the given market that accepts them or am I sending out stories which simply don’t represent the writer I am now? So Jay and I had a bit of a discussion about when to trunk inventory here.

What do you think?

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