As many folks who enjoy the peek into the Broaddus household via my tweets or Facebook status updates, there are those who are convinced that I am simply making stuff up for the sake of entertainment. Granted, I’m not above such antics, however, sadly, tales of me and my family don’t really need embellishing. Also, no such accusations ever come from those who have actually been around us. To this day, Chesya Burke won’t let me forget the time my kids peed in the vents. She actually uses it to win arguments:

Me: I completely disagree with your point and every argument you make.
Chesya: Yeah, well, at least my kids don’t pee in vents.

[To be fair, the boys were 3 and 4 and were watching their favorite cartoon, Spongebob Squarepants. They didn’t want to miss anything, so rather than wait until a commercial, they peed down the air vents. For those who have wondered how we cleaned that up, simple: we moved.]

The vent peeing was also on my watch, meaning mom wasn’t home. I couldn’t bring myself to punish them because prioritizing television watching over mundane niceties, well, I considered it some pretty solid reasoning. [I think this is the crux of Chesya’s point, now that I think about it.]

I’ll admit, teaching them how to pick locks, that was on me, too. It seemed like a great idea at the time. However, it meant that I would never be able to have peace in the bathroom ever again.

FINALLY, something I can blame on my wife. I’ll just quote her Facebook status:

Are you kidding me???!!!!! My kids make me wanna pull my hair out at times….. on Thanksgiving day the boys asked if they could make a tin can telephone, so I said yes. Which that was a mess in itself since I told them be careful the can is sharp, and my youngest goes and puts his hand in it and cuts his hands up…… But today I see they poked a hole in the wall, put the string through the wall so they can talk to each other while they are in their own room. UGH!!!!!

reese on the phone
[You’ll be glad to know they used HER “stud finder to check for studs and look for the plugs (electrical outlets) and made sure it wasn’t near the wiring. Then they poked a huge screwdriver (hitting the screwdriver with a hammer) through the wall.”]

Yeah, this is what we call a Tuesday.