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Books to fill your reading time until the next “Game of Thrones”

Tracy Mumford ·

Longing for the Lannisters? Wishing for more Winterfell? Let these epic fantasy series fill the “Game of Thrones”-sized hole in your heart. Courtesy of publishers

9 Diverse Fantasy Books That Will Challenge Your Idea of Fantasy Fiction

Fantasy recommendation lists are characterized by their safety. Curious newcomers to the genre, having enjoyed their sample of escapist literature, request more stories, more worlds to lose themselves in. More often than not, though, the recommendations that they receive are the same few critically acclaimed authors whose work is all too often presented as representative of the genre. My belief is that Fantasy literature is the perfect lens for readers to challenge our ideas of humanity, violence, society, and power. My recommendations in this list (yes, another list!) will reflect that belief. Buckle up.

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