midnight dinerI often daydreamed about what the next iteration of my Dark Faith anthology series might look like.  To do a third volume, start a blog, maybe a podcast of some sort.  But why do all that when The Midnight Diner is making a return?

I remember The Midnight Diner from its previous run.  Definitely a progenitor to Dark Faith in that it combined the idea of faith and dark stories, without wanting proselytizing pieces.  Stories that confronted, challenged, and deepened discussion.  Kevin Lucia does a great job of tracing the magazine/anthology’s history.  They’re moving into a quarterly digital format with the possibility of a print version at year’s end (providing subscriptions generate enough income to do so.)

You should consider contributing to The Midnight Diner.  One, their funding campaign goes to maintaining professional rates for their writers.  They’ve already raised close to half of 2014’s operating budget and are close to raising the second half.  Two, they are now open for submissions.  I figure if you’re any kind of regular reader of this blog, this zine is definitely a market of interest for you.  Three, you can spread the word, sharing the link on social media platforms.  Four, for only $20, you can subscribe for a yearly subscription.  Any donation is tax deductible.

I won’t say that I’m completely neutral about this project.  Editor Michelle Pendergrass is a dear friend of mine.  As are a couple of their slush readers, whom I won’t name but are familiar names to anyone who has attended a Mo*Con.

Oh, I should probably mention that I will have a regular column in The Midnight Diner.  Considering my track record of doing absolutely nothing controversial, what could possibly go wrong?