Comedy unlike other genres remains largely critic proof.  In the end, it’s not about how good a movie it is, but whether or not it delivers laughs.  The other thing about comedy is that it is largely subjective.  More often than not, what I find funny my wife may find abhorrent (read:  Borat says what?).  Neverthe less, I truly loved The Hangover.

The Hangover was quite clever in its premise and execution and now it is out for the second time on DVD and Blu Ray.  There are two versions of the movie available, the standard, theatrical version– which runs at 100 minutes– as well as the “Unrated Version”, which is eight minutes longer.  Both of which were released earlier this year and are in this Extreme Edition.  The unrated version delivers more of the same, extending a few scenes and thus exacerbating the pacing issues of the movie which was a fairly moot point as long as it keeps us laughing.  We care more about too long a stretch without laughs than one without plot sense.

If you care about extras, you will be disappointed.  The non-extreme edition and the Extreme Edition are mostly the same in the special features department.  What little new extras there are feel like ill thought out toss ins designed to milk a good thing.  They include a 28-page, hardcover “wedding album” along with the “CD Sampler” with a handful of songs from the movie.

It’s a common practice for studios to commit double dipping:  releasing a low thrills version of a movie then releasing subsequent versions of the movie with more and more extras.  The Hangover isn’t exactly a movie from the AFI list of greatest of all time in need of dissection or scholarly report.  So unless it can add a slew of new funny, it’s just not worth it.  This Extreme Edition just isn’t enough to justify buying the movie again, but if you don’t already have it, then this might be enough to push you into buying it.  Otherwise, you’re better off waiting for the inevitable The Hangover 2.