We interrupt today’s scheduled blog with what can’t help but be seen as a bit of transparent pandering. Looks like this blog was nominated as one of the 2006 Black Weblog Awards Finalists. Best Topical Blog is my category, which is appropos considering that it’s not like this blog has a particular point. A friend of mine, Rod Garvin, was nominated in the best original content category. And I’m a regular lurker on the BlackFolks LiveJournal community. The winners will be announced September 3rd, so you are free to go vote here.

If there are any themes that tend to resurface in my life and work they are the issues of faith and race. I wasn’t aware that I was doing a series until a friend of mine pointed out that I seemed to be leading to something in my posts. Here’s the thread of the discussion as best as I can see it.

My Journey Thus Far – covers where I’ve been both spiritually and racially.

On Ghetto Crackery and Values – A meditation on being “ghetto” and their implications.

Desert Wanderings – Where do we go from here?

Ontological Blackness – a look at the idea of being Black. Matters of Identity, Exploration, and Redefining the idea of Race.

A Theology of Slavery – Reconciling the holocaust of slavery to my faith, especially how the church interpreted the Bible over time. Part I and part II.

The Miracle of the Black Church – In response to, and despite, the tragedy of slavery arose an institution and things to be learned from the black church that may help the church as a whole.

Post-Colonialism – A brief look at the idea of post-colonialism, implications about the colonizers as well as those colonized.

Black TheologyAn introduction to Cone as well as the idea of a liberation message. I’ll leave it to Postmodern Negro to dissect Barth, Tillich, Camus, and Sartre. That’s more his thing.

Ministry of Reconciliation – Reconciliation is costly and often humbling. It involves risk. And it should be what we are about. I know that’s one of the goals of Emergent diversity, to get the conversations started.

This is the journey so far.

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