My ongoing series that helps provide insight into the life that is Maurice Broaddus.

Conversational Tidbit #1:
Maurice: Both of you clean up that mess. From now on only one of you go to the bathroom at a time. And from now on, only touch your own wee-wee. Um, not too often. And … uh … only for short periods of time. And don’t tell mommy that I taught you the sword-fighting game.

Conversational Tidbit #2:
Malcolm (age 3): Daddy, I want to watch the butt movie.
Maurice: What’s the butt movie?
Malcolm: The one where the lion eats the giraffe’s butt.
Reese (age 4): It’s not a giraffe, it’s a zebra.
Malcolm: The lion eats the zebra’s butt. And the zebra says you’re eating my butt. And the lion tries to eat everyone’s butt.
Maurice: Madagascar? This is why I’m not allowed to teach kids Sunday School class.

Meanwhile, over on my Hollywood Jesus blog, new reviews on the comic book The Dark Knight Returns and the movies Hoodwinked, Glory Road, and Underworld: Evolution.

Oh, and Chesya decided to say thank you in her own special way.

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