(aka “Mo*Con II: what the hell was I thinking?”)

My thinking behind the decision to have a writer’s convention of my own was something along the lines of “if the mountain won’t come to Muhammad, Muhammad must go to the mountain.” Which would make more sense if I didn’t go to more conventions this year than last. Last year, I invited a friend of mine, horror writer Brian Keene, to come to my church and speak on the topic of how his faith (or lack thereof) has impacted his writing. It was one of those ideas which looked good on paper: have a friend who struggles with his spirituality come and speak on the topic of his struggles because it’s something everyone can relate to (of course, there’s the whole horror writers in church thing, which was its own dilemma). However, it was a success and I was asked to do it again this year, only bigger. Officially it’s called “Continuing Conversations” (it gained the sobriquet Mo*Con because one Chesya Burke kept calling it that and the name stuck).

Now that you’re caught up, I thought I’d look at why go to a convention and more importantly, how to pull one off (though, considering that mine starts tomorrow, it may be premature to write about pulling one off).

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