Well, we’ve been deluged with end of the year top ten lists. So of course I thought that I’d add my own. Except rather than post a top ten of anything useful, I thought that I’d create a hugely over indulgent list (Read: tribute to me) of my favorite blog posts of mine from 2005. I decided not to include How Ghetto is You since it was technically a survey not original to me. Otherwise, I chose the blog entries that most resonated with me (“resonate”, by the way, was my number one word of the year. “Froth” was number two).

Honorable Mention. Even though this was technically a 2004 entry, I promised my “number one fan” that I would squeeze in Crazy @$$ Squirrels somehow.

10. The Spirituality of Smoking was dedicated to some of my friends in the horror community who were all struggling with giving up smoking. Though my tribute to the demise (though since resurrected) of one of the message board communities that I frequent, Splits, almost made the cut.

9. End of Self. Last day of the year entry, but still rating consideration.

8. My Katrina series. On God’s Will when it comes to tragic events and On Race. Granted, it appears that some folks to great umbrage at some of my pontifications, but not everyone can love me like me.

7. Disciplining Children. Another one that stirred up quite the hornet’s nest. But since my kids are featured fairly regularly it was either it or Jesus Loves the Little Racists or Things Overheard in the Broaddus Household. (The take home lesson? I need to breed better bit players in my life. Cue the song “mommy and daddy are making a better version of you …”)

6. On Homeschooling. Uh, yeah. Lots of friends made with this one. Moving on …

5. My series on being a Christian horror writer. No, I haven’t flogged this series enough. First, how I’m a Christian horror writer and then a Theology of Horror part I, part II, and part III.

4. Certainty. It’s really okay to question your faith. In fact, it can be strengthened by periodic questioning.

3. Obviously race is as recurring a theme to my writing as spirituality. Two blogs continue me thinking through matters of culture, Desert Wanderings and Ghetto Crackery and Values.

2. Nine Things I Learned in Jamaica. Because traveling with your mother never gets old.

1. My odes to the redneck lifestyle and all of its glorious heritage: White Trash Weddings and Redneck Night Out.

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