I have a couple of projects either on the horizon or about to go up for pre-order that you may want to be on the lookout for.   As always, a picture is worth a thousand words, so they will cut down on the length of this blog:

First up is my short story, “Rainfall”.  It is due in the next issue of Cemetery Dance (along with an interview with me).  The story is about a brother, a world weary private investigator, who is helpless to come to the aid of his sister when something terrible happens to her, but he gets an opportunity to do things different the second time around.  This piece of beautiful artwork is done by long time friend of Mo*Con, the much beloved Steve Gilberts.

Sticking to my horror home ground is the story “Trails End”, which is makes its appearance in the anthology, Dead West.  It’s L’Amour meets Lovecraft as a lone Indian scout goes up against an ancient evil.  It’s the last of a trilogy of weird west stories that I wrote.  Art by Noah O’Toole.

Speaking of trilogies of stories that I wrote, there are my barbarian stories set in ancient Africa.  In the anthology, Griots, there is my story “Lost Son” with my recurring warrior, Dinga Cisse.  Griots is edited by Milton J. Davis and Charles Saunders and published by MVmedia (now up for pre-order) and will debut at Onyxcon.  Here’s a teaser excerpt. Cover art by Natiq Jalil and interior art by Stacey Robinson.

Next up while I was in my “sword & soul” writing mood is a personal favorite of mine, “Warrior of the Sunrise”, coming out in The New Hero volume one.  Lalyani isn’t just a male sword fighter with boobs, nor does she have some abusive past which has turned her into a fighter.  She’s just badass.  Art by Gene Ha.  Yeah, I said it, Gene Ha!

Coming in October from Delirium Books is my novella, Bleed With Me.  It is sold out as a limited edition hardcover, but will be available as an ebook.  It takes place on the same streets as my Knights of Breton Court series (between King Maker and King’s Justice).   This is very much me in horror mode, which you’ll figure out by the opening scene (if not the title).  Oddly enough, it’s a love story.  Speaking of which, Kaaron Warren has me going on about the inspiration for Bleed With Me over on her blog.  Artist Mike Bohatch.