The next worIMG_1162kshops that I’ll be leading is through the Indiana Writers Center.  This will be on World Building, but I have another one coming up March 23rd called “Adventures in Spec Fic” that will talk about the real life of being a profession spec fic writer so be on the lookout for that one, too.  Here are the details:


World Building

Instructor: Maurice Broaddus

Saturday, February 16
1-4 p.m..

Members $39, Nonmembers $57, Student, Teacher, Senior Members $33

Setting is an important part of any story. More particular to the speculative fiction writer is the world-building aspect of setting. Our job is to out-imagine our readers. The writer needs to make sure that their world operates within a consistent system. We will develop a basic checklist of items to think through as you build the universe for your characters to play in. 

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WCI Classroom 


2) I’ve been named Writer in Residence at Snack’s Crossing Elementary School.  Sponsored by Second Story, I’ll be doing an eight week intensive with some of their students from February through March.  That’s right, I’m shaping young minds!  This is a double treat for me since working with their students inspired the Middle Grade detective novel that I just sent to my agent.

3) I’ll be picking up the ViewFinder Project on Saturdays in February down at A New Way of Life.  I know, I know, you think “what does Maurice know about teaching photography?”  Well, the answer is not much, which is why I’m partnered with the LYN House (any excuse for me to post that pic of me working with some of the kids of LYN House) to do the instruction.  This is gearing up for our fundraiser/art gallery event, Telling Our Stories (and I do know something about telling stories).  More on this later.