Yeah, I’ve been sucking at ye olde blog discipline.  I’ve had my head down wrapping up a non-fiction book project for Shepherd Community Church, gearing up for a gaming project for which non-disclosure agreements have been signed, and getting a short story whipped into shape.   Obviously this doesn’t include the work preparing for Dark Faith 2 or the chaos unleashed as I’ve taken on the Vice President of Operations and Acquisitions role for Apex Book Company.

First, to recap, as Jason Sizemore announced, I now oversee the operational aspects of all four Apex entities:  Apex Publications, Black Room Books, The Zombie Feed, and Apex Magazine.  Frankly, I’ve never understood (and been amazed by) how he has managed to keep all of the plates spinning as a one-man operation (between family, a full time job, and the many projects of Apex).  But Apex has grown to the point where one many simply couldn’t oversee it all and it needed more legs.  As one of the legs, I oversee aspects like promotion/publicity, acquisitions, keeping our volunteers engaged, interacting with the authors, internal communication, and all around keeping the trains running on time.  Since I refuse to refer to myself as the lube of any sort that keeps Apex running smoothly, I will think of the position as being Jason Sizemore’s professional friend.

I originally was his “consigliere”, advising him from the shadows (read:  we spent all day on gmail chat gossiping and talking).  He’d bounce ideas off me and generally vent; I’d pester him with any of assorted natterings and random pitches.  After I suggested (read:  I presented Jason with six pages worth of notes) a major overhaul of how Apex should operate (since, at the time, the Diamond distribution deal was in the offing), Jason responded like any good executive:  “those are great ideas.  You oversee them.”  So my consigliere position has been formalized and dragged into the light.

In my continual grab for power, one of my first edicts was demanding that Jason take a vacation.  Seriously.  I have diagnosed him with an acute case of “Keyman-itis”.  It’s a common affliction known to strike pastors and small business owners, where they believe that everything will fall apart without them, so they never take any time off.  As VP of Apex, I am one heartbeat away from absolute power, but with absolute power come absolute work, and I’ve got other stuff to do.  Which means I need Mr. Sizemore healthy and relatively sane.  So rather than deal with him burning out or the chaos that usually ensues when he’s near burning out, as of tomorrow, he’s taking a break.  Any emergencies can be addressed to me, though what I consider an emergency and what you may consider an emergency will probably differ.

Yes, the word “acquisitions” is in my title.  This does not mean that I want to hear your novel pitches while I’m trying to use the bathroom at a convention.  Seriously.