In case you notice my blog being fairly sporadic over the next few weeks, it’s because I’m in the final push on a few projects.  Not to mention Gencon, a sekrit project, and Context really tying up my August.  I figure at the very least, I can update you on the status of my latest projects.

King’s War – as Book One of the Knights of Breton Court trilogy, King Maker, prepares to make its U.S. debut this October, I’m hard at work wrapping up the first draft of Book Three, King’s War.  Remind me to shoot myself if I ever get the wacky idea to take on a sprawling mythology with dreams of boiling it down to three books.

Wrath of GodWrath James White and I are teaming up for another project.  Our last story, Orgy of Souls, went so well and we had a premise so tantalizing neither of us could resist.  For any curious about the universe this postapocalyptic tale takes place in, read his contribution to the anthology, Dark Faith.

I Can Transform You – Speaking of Orgy of Souls and Dark Faith, the guru behind Apex Books, Jason Sizemore, got it in his head that he and I ought to collaborate on a story.  A murder mystery set in a dystopic future, no less.

Nisi Shawl is “editing WisCon Chronicles Volume 5. I’m looking for essays between 1000 and 6000 words long, on or adjacent to the theme of “Writing and Racial Identity,” with the focus on 2010’s WisCon 34–panels, discussions, and other events. I want written contributions from people who attended WisCon 34. I will need these contributions by August 27. Photos, drawings, poems, interviews, and (very) short fiction will also be considered for this book.”  I am busy revising my essay for her as I write this.

It’s probably too early to discuss my latest collaborative project in depth.  But I’m teaming up with a pastor to write about the front lines of urban ministry and what it means to engage the poor.  That’s three collaborations, which isn’t so bad as it means I have to do half the work.  Usually, I can count of my partners having an equally busy workload so when I turn around a chapter or section, it can be a minute before I get anything back.  Unfortunately, there are those rare times when I’m so focused on something that projects bottleneck.  Now would be one of those times as I keep swearing “this will be the last chapter I do before I take a break.”

Oh, and I’m outlining my next solo novel as I’m hoping to do what I did with the first draft of King Maker and write it during this year’s NaNoWriMo.  It will be a novel length treatment of my story—again from Apex Magazine—Pimp My Airship.

Speaking of pimping things, I thought I’d mention the latest project my sister is working on.  I’ve written about her before about her being one of the best moms that I know.  When she’s not busy convincing me to write about unicorns, rainbows, and moats full of skittles (those of you who follow my nonsense on Twitter get that), she is writing as the Indianapolis Parenting Tweens columnist for  Go and check her out.