Sometimes I miss the spirit of my old messageboard (usually the parts minus my sister getting ahold of the edit function of the board and re-decorating it).  The part I miss most is how it became a sort of clearinghouse for interesting blogs I ran across during my casual surfing.  Since I still run across interesting stuff, I thought I’d just lay them out here on a weekly basis.  Same categories:  general, racialicious, spiritual, writing, local.


Is Betelgeuse about to blow? – Because I’m a sometimes star geek.

Blacks in Memphis Lose Decades of Economic Gain –  To wit: “Not so long ago, Memphis, a city where a majority of the residents are black, was a symbol of a South where racial history no longer tightly constrained the choices of a rising black working and middle class. Now this city epitomizes something more grim: How rising unemployment and growing foreclosures in the recession have combined to destroy black wealth and income and erase two decades of slow progress.”

Black Spider-Man Sets Intertube Users ON FIRE! – Nick Kaufmann writes this blog so that I don’t have to (and yes, be sure to check out his post on when it was the possibility of a black Doctor Who that set teh interwebz on fire not too long ago)

Thoughts On Jay Lake – It’s always troublesome when you see two of your friends fighting.  And you always want the best for each of them, personally and professionally.  You also want to see tough conversations be had and handled well.

Gene Luen Yang: Why I Won’t Be Watching the Last Airbender Movie – Fresh on the heels of the white-washing of The Prince of Persia comes The Last Airbender.

Barack Obama vs. 50 Cent vs. Bill Maher: Who is the “Real” Black Man? – “I am always surprised by how folks are so utterly uncomfortable talking about if Barack Obama is a Black President or a President who happens to be black.”

Why I’m Not A Culture-Warrior – This. : “The culture war approach leads to Christians unwisely choosing their battles and showing a misleading face to the world, thus undercutting their true mission.”

We Crave This – From Edward T. Oakes, on New Atheism, the Big Bang theory, and our need for narratives that make meaning of existence:  We can’t seem to help ourselves, we humans crave the overarching narrative that orders our facts. It seems to me that only two truly overarching scenarios exist to explain how science as a human activity fits into the world. Moreover, each one is by definition impossible to verify by science, since it is science that is seeking admission into the overarching scenario, rather than providing its own. These two narrative frames are: the biblical one of linear time culminating in an eschaton directed by God’s providence, and Nietzsche’s scenario of pointless humans weaving their scenarios against an unfeeling universe

No More Impostors – What a great blog on being made to feel like “The Other” in church.  “The Impostor Syndrome, I suggest to you, emerges out of a system and a history – a system that embodies the devaluing of people and a history of devaluation.”

WisCon 34 Guest of Honor Speech – Mary Anne Mohanraj – I didn’t do a WisCon convention report.  I can leave you with this.

Realms of the Possible! – I don’t know who actually held out hope that the new ownership of Realms of Fantasy would actually be a good thing.  Well, I take that back:  I did originally have the “wait, maybe this time things will be different.  Maybe the time away taught him a few things about magazine management.”

On the heels of his “Seven things you should never ask a writer” comes Richard Dansky’s “Seven things you should always ask a writer”.  Though “would you mind if I pay you on time and well?” is a question he missed.  However, he will be in lovely Wilmington, NC today to do a signing at the equally lovely Two Sisters Bookery.

And in the self-promotion arena, we see great new reviews for Dark Faith coming from Horror World and from the B&N Community (Give Me Something to Believe In: Spiritual Quests and the Search for Truth in SF and Fantasy).  Go here for a full round up of reviews and interviews and all things Dark Faith.

IMAF – “Rock your socks off at this year’s Independent Music + Art Festival at the Harrison Center. With 17 bands on two stages, locally created artwork, food and beer faves from Earth House and IndieBrew, it’s an all day event that’s family friendly – and admission is FREE!” I’m especially looking at T.J. Reynolds and Wolfy (who assures me that they are hitting the stage at 2:40 pm), our sons’ favorite band (who, when they aren’t rocking it out, also does the music at our church, The Crossing).


This video just makes me happy.