The Absolute Power of an Apology – this.  “If you’re a leader and you’re wrong, admit it. People will respect you. Admit it and show remorse. And if you follow a leader who struggles admitting they are wrong, DO NOT FOLLOW THEM. We all make mistakes, and people who admit their mistakes are in touch with their humanity, and those who don’t are simply delusional.”

Fired for being ‘too attractive’? – Yes employers, please protect us out of control lascivious males from attractive women.  We won’t be happy until all women are equally insecure about their body types.


How Many Ways can Barack Obama be an Angry Black Man? – “Which of the following models are best suited for President Obama? And what types of black anger can be added to our list?  How Many Ways can Barack Obama be an Angry Black Man?”

Race + Comic-Book Notes, Part 1: Comics Alliance Speaks Up – “calling out DC Comics after another round of white-washing its’ primary cast – in this instance the most recent Atom, Dr. Ryan Choi, was killed off, allowing his Silver Age predecessor, Ray Palmer, to don the red-and-blue mask”.  White washing:  it’s not just for movies or book covers anymore …


What Do Atheists Do That Frustrates You? – the responses are in the comments section.  As always, the answers are interesting and insightful.

Sailing In Deep Waters – “Safety has been my default through life. I did safe things in my church–believing what I was told to believe. I read the Bible in a safe way, never questioning when I didn’t understand. I went to a “safe” Christian college.  I read safe books and (mostly) listened to safe music. I didn’t go where there was known sin, like to rated-R movies or rock concerts or to parties where non-Christians might hang out. At least I didn’t do these things too often. And when I did, I felt guilty for straying away from the safe harbor.”

A Word About My Marriage . . . Clearing the Air – Why do we find it so hard/uncomfortable to talk about marriage in real ways in church?

Bibliobloggers’ Diverse Views on Early Christian Diversity – to wit:  “a few more posts that have appeared around the biblioblogosphere which continue to explore the theme of earliest Christian diversity.”

GODISNOWHERE – “Whether we realize it or not, we live before God. All the ordinary places and events of our lives hold the potential to become houses of God, gateways of heaven. Every moment holds the possibility of revealing the hidden God in our midst.”

Why Theology Matters – “Lots of the presumed ‘right answers’ now become the wrong ones, for the sake of the mission of God in the world. We can approach dialogues about truth with great humility, rather than militancy. We can reflect Christianly in new ways about ethical issues that prior had seemed as though they were closed cases. We can show our culture that a relationship to God that is informed by this kind of truth-pursuit will actually lead to their benefit.”


The Cult of Not Mattering: How Horror Fandom Is Its Own Worst Enemy – AMEN.

Stop Using Those Words. I Do Not Think They Mean What You Think They Mean – Catherynne M. Valente goes off on the phrase “The author/director/creator told the story he/she/they wanted to tell.”  Attention writers of Lost and Doctor Who.

Soul Full of Heat: Zane and the Trajectory of Black Women’s Literature – “Zane intrigues me because not only does she write scripts and vignettes (yup, quickies. I couldn’t help myself) but she writes novels. Novels. Those make up the canon, right? Toni Morrison and Maya Angelou are a given, but could Zane make the cut?”


The lowdown on IMAF and INDIEana Handicraft – BTW, Wolfy takes the stage at 2:40 p.m. and T.J. Reynolds at 3:20 p.m. (I’ve been assured).

And when we’re not at IMAF, there’s the Talbot Street Art Fair – “The 55th Annual Talbot Street Art Fair will take place June 12th & 13th 2010.  With over 270 artists from across the nation, this juried art fair continues to be ranked as one of the finest fairs in the country.”