Love-Hate Relationships – Teh interwebz are forever, kids.  “See, the point to the panel was that “the internet is forever“, so you need to be careful what you graffiti on its walls. But another thing that came up was, while some things shouldn’t be posted online because they’re too personal, others shouldn’t be because readers may develop a love-hate relationship. Or worse, hate-hate.”  So if you have a picture of yourself in drag, you probably don’t want to post it right before you go to a job interview.

BET to give Prince lifetime achievement award – The 51-year-old joins the likes of James Brown, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross and Al Green in being honored by the BET Awards, which will celebrate its 10th year in Los Angeles on June 27.  Who knew this announcement would set off a racial discussion on teh interwebz.


Why Do You People Still Need All that Black Stuff? – Okay, yeah, I wrote that one.  The genesis for that blog can be read here.  In the name of continuing the conversation, Chesya Burke enters the fray.  Michele Lee makes her observations and asks a series of questions here which make great conversation starters.

NYT Op-ed Argues to Derecognize Certain African Nations – “which argues that the world should stop recognizing certain African nations. Pierre Englebert, of Pomona College, believes this will end many of the problems on the continent”  I, too, have to ask why are we not hearing more (push back) on this topic?


An Argument for Christians Sending Their Children to Public Schools – The Friendly Atheist defends a Christian sending his kids to public school.  Odd that this would need defending.  Then again, I wrote my homeschooling rant for a reason…

Big Butter Jesus was struck by lightning.  Some thoughts on rebuilding it.


E-Books Are Not Liquid Gold – Monica Valentinelli addresses some of the myths concerning e-books.

The Elephant in the Room – I guess the publishing world isn’t quite post-racial either:  Publishers, how ivory are thy towers? According to statistics—not to mention a quick glance around any trade show floor—pretty shockingly ivory, maybe along the lines of 98%. The number of publishing, editorial, art direction, sales and marketing professionals of color in our field is tiny, and that’s not good for anybody. This discrepancy between the real world and the publishing world limits the range of books published, the intellectual scope of discussion, and—for the bottom-liners among us—greatly stunts the potential market.

An interview with Kelly Link – nuff said.


Building Blocks of Successful Grant Writing: Grant Writing 101 – Free seminar at the Indianapolis Marion County Library.  Learn the elements of a proposal, what funders and reviewers want to see, and how to present the proposal to the funder. This program, to be held in the Clowes Auditorium at Central Library, is made possible with support from the IMCPL Foundation.

Kafe Kuumba – Open-microphone event for poets, writers, musicians and others. Presented by Midtown Writers Association.  Thursdays : 7 p.m. – 9 p.m Scott United Methodist Church 2153 Dr. Andrew J Brown Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46202