In the self-promotion department, it looks like the anthology Dark Futures:  Tales of Dystopian SF is now available.  It has my story “A Stone Cast into Stillness”.


Dads in Divorce Court – “The big question here is whether or not there needs to be more equity in the divorce court.”


I once participated in a local experience called “Follow the North Star” where participants re-create what it meant to flee a slave-owner and follow the Underground Railroad.  This blog ponders Slave Cabin Sleepovers: Honoring The African Holocaust and Our Ancestors or Trivializing their Memory?

Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally and the Dunning-Kruger Effect – nuff said.


After my blog on The Artist and the Church, obviously the book For the Beauty of the Church has my attention:  “Whether Catholics or Protestants, Reformed or Charismatic, younger evangelicals or older evangelicals, emerging or traditional, a growing number of churches and denominations worldwide are interested in and supporting the arts. While there has been a plethora of conversations about the arts in the church, few of these conversations have been as practical and stimulating as For the Beauty of the Church, a collection of essays edited by David Taylor”

Tony Jones seeks the answer to the question “What does Phyllis Tickle think of emergence now?

What Good’s a Theologian? – “I wonder what role a theologian plays in your local church? Does your church have a “theologian”? What if you have questions … to whom do you go? What advice do you have for theologians? Which theologians do you think are really of help to the church today? McGrath sees four components of the professional theologian’s contribution to the life of the church”

Here’s the question of the moment:  Why is it OK to adjust our Bible readings to historical study but not to scientific study?


J.F. Gonzalez gives a breakdown on the history of Dorchester Publishing.  Not for nothing, here’s a blog post on whether bankruptcy clauses in contracts are enforceable.

Paul Carr gives some interesting insight on writers abandoning their publishers in favor of self-publishing e-books.  And Tim Ferriss breaks down how authors really make their money.  And Lee Goldberg says that you’d be a fool not to take a mid-list paperback or a hardcover deal over self-publishing on the Kindle.

Jenn Stark gives us some branding tips.

Monica Valentinelli gives us tips on Creating an Alien Language: Names and Naming Conventions.

For those who have been asking, Angry Robots is beginning to roll out their e-books.

So … what’s the next big trend in SF/F?


One of my favorite blogs, Historic Indianapolis, turns its attentions to the corner of 16th and Delaware, where I happen to go to church.  You’ll note that she gushes over some of my favorite artists to visit on First Fridays.

I try to frequent local coffee shops.  And I’m not alone in trying to support them:  Thank you, Calvin Fletcher.

Pilfered shamelessly from Julie’s Mind Edge’s How to Live it up on Labor Day Weekend:

If you are hungry…Rib America Festival – Sept 3-6th at Military Park. This is always a very popular event. I would recommend going when you can get in free as tickets for food cost.  Free admission before 5m on Friday Sept 3rd and before 1pm on Sat. Sun. and Mon. There will be some great bands playing throughout the weekend.

There are also some great concerts this weekend:  Kings of Leon, an Indie southern roots Rock band will be playing Verizon Wireless Music Center on Friday. Check out some of their music here.  Another Indie band playing this weekend is Vampire Weekend. They will be playing in Bloomington, IN in the IU Auditorium and will be worth the drive. Here is a sampling of their upbeat, pop rock music.

September 6th – Labor Day

The Jazz Kitchen is bringing the party outside.  A hoppin’ Street Fair with top notch Jazz musicians and local vendors in what is now a Labor Day tradition not to be missed. Fair starts at 12:30pm

And in the evening come out for the final concert of the Garfield Park Summer Concert Series at 6:30pm – America We Remember. Great patriotic music as the sun sets and fireworks to end your long weekend!