IHOP sues IHOP over use of their acronym.

Okay, one of the latest meme involves lists discussing dating a writer.  Jennifer Brozek gives her opinion.  And Alethea Kontis gives her darker warning.  And someone is “offended by the rank objectification of writers!”


Armchair Sociology: Of Saggin’ Pants, Seven Boys Named James, the Cool Pose, and The People’s Court – “The cool pose is a set of language, mannerisms, gestures and movements that “exaggerate or ritualize masculinity,””

ELLE MAGAZINE TRIES TO SHOW US GABOUREY SIDIBE’S ‘LIGHTER’ SIDE – you think white washing only happens in book publishing or on movie posters?  I think not!

Shucking and Jiving in 2010 – On black conservatives and the latest … issues.  “I saw the above image of the South Caroline Senate president, dressed as a confederate general, and two African-Americans dressed in 1800’s Gullah costumes.”

Innovation Crisis in Black America Pt. 2: Where are Black Entrepreneurs and Angels? – “There’s an economic crisis of monumental proportions occurring in Black America. The challenges stretch across a vast spectrum of education, unemployment, entrepreneurship, investment and innovation. But you won’t hear much about this crisis from any of the so-called “mainstream” media.”

Black Male Grad Rates: Despair, And A Ray Of Hope – “In the past few weeks, more than 400,000 young black men entered American high schools as freshmen. Four years from now, fewer than half of them will get diplomas.”


Our History, Our Weakness – “The average Christian knows next to nothing about the history of Christian theology…What can be done about this “black hole” of our history? How can we resurrect memory? What are you doing or what do you hear others are doing? Is this a genuine problem in your view?”

I once wrote:  “We walk in tensions and paradoxes in our lives. Too often I think we have this schizophrenic view of God: half the time we treat Him like this cosmic genie doling out blessings like He’s the great Santa in the sky. The other half, we think of God like He’s a guy who hides behind the bushes waiting for us to screw up so that He can leap out, yell “ah ha!”, then heap plagues into our lives.”  Don Miller writes about “How to Manipulate God

Church Disciplines…for a Church 1 – What are the “church” spiritual disciplines?

Apologetics in a Postmodern World 2 – “Five themes in nature that led Collins to Christian faith:  1. There is something instead of nothing. 2. The unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics. Why? 3. The big bang. A beginning about 13.7 billion years ago. Nature doesn’t come from nothing. 4. The precise tuning of physical constants in the universe. This gets him to Einstein’s God. 5. Moral law. This led him to confront God and holiness and his sinfulness and Jesus Christ.”


Postmodernism and SF – The Impossible Constellation, Reflected in the Never-same River: Pondering Postmodernism in Fantastika and a piece by Jeff Vandermeer

As tempests in the interwebz go, Elizabeth Moon, recently announced as a GOH at next year’s Wiscon, has some commentary on Islam which ranks up there this week.  Expect this to have long term ripple effects (racefail says what?).


Spirit & Place Civility in a fractured society – “On September 22-that’s next week!-you have a rare opportunity to meet the chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities in a discussion on civility in a fractured society.”

Harrison Center on First Friday – “The Harrison Center and Homeward Bound of Central Indiana present the Homeward Bound group show.”