fountainI will be doing a session on writing and marketing genre fiction along with Phil Dunlap and S.M. Harding at this year’s Indy Author Fair at Central Library is scheduled for Saturday, October 26th:

Writing and Marketing Genre Fiction 

3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. – Goodrich-Houk Room

This session will be invaluable to those who hope to write speculative fiction (science fiction, horror, fantasy), Westerns, and/or mysteries. You’ll gain inside knowledge about how to break into these markets and tips for catching an editor’s eye. You’ll also learn how to write a query letter, synopsis and pitch, which will give your book its best shot at publication. Presented by the Indiana Writers Center and featuring Maurice Broaddus, Phil Dunlap and S.M. Harding. (2 LEUs)


Now here’s where you can catch up with me around the Internet:

-In case you missed it, The Guardian picked up one of my tweets for their article on “It’s time for science fiction to face up to discrimination” after this year’s WorldCon.  AND I WASN’T EVEN DRUNK TWEETING AT THE TIME!

-This almost counts as a blog post:  SF Signal invited me for one of their MIND MELD, this time on “Our Favorite Women Horror Writers.”

-Speaking of WorldCon and SF Signal, I was part of an SF Signal podcast (Episode 204): 2013 Live WorldCon Panel with the Authors, Editor and Publisher of BEYOND THE SUN.

-I was asked to give three good things to read, watch, and use.  Check out which author’s I name drop (okay, I’ll spoil one of them:  Geoffrey Girard’s Cain’s Blood/Project Cain.  Not coincidentally, there’s a well-dressed bald black man who makes an appearance in the books).

-On the Punchnel’s web site, I have a “lost” story from my Knights of Breton Court trilogy, “Ebony Paradox.”  Here I tell the tale of a couple of knights I mention in passing in King’s Justice and their failed Grail quest (which would have happened in Book Three:  King’s War).  You’ll never look at the fountains in Woodruff Place the same … *creepy cherubs*