I was trying to explain to my wife why I was sitting at my table with my ten sided dice that I wasn’t rolling imaginary D&D; characters (which REALLY would have been the sign of a problem), but rather I was randomly picking the winners for my book giveaway contest.
Without further ado, the winners are:


Because I am prone to making up rules as I go along, I decided on some second place packages:

-Meljprincess will be getting a copy of Heretic’s Daughter
-Gaby317 will be getting a copy of Boneman’s Daughter

Not that anyone asked, I randomly selected three people to receive copies of the latest anthology from Apex Publications, Harlan County Horrors, which features my story “Trouble Among the Yearlings”. And those lucky recipients are:

-Amanda Parrish

I will be dropping them an e-mail to collect their addresses and get them their books. Speaking of winners, here are my sons Reese and Malcolm in their Halloween costumes:

(with this comment from a friend: “If Reese couldn’t make it as a writer, he could have dressed as an editor.”)

As for the losers, those would include all of the folks who are still sending in stories for the Dark Faith anthology. I’m afraid those are being deleted unread. Also in the loser category, me for MY Halloween costume. I tweeted “In light of my novel, I’m dressing up for a super hero party as Kevin Matchstick (Mage). I’m betting only one other person will get it.”

See? I was on it! Unfortunately, it later led to this tweet: “”Maybe being a black guy w/ a baseball bat on the south side of Indy wasn’t my best call… officer.” #obscuresuperherocostumefail”

I should have gone more mainstream.