Once again, I learned that important lesson of posting stuff on the Internet: you never know who’s reading your blog. Now, since I’ve been accused of running my mouth here, I’ll just leave you with a few random thoughts.

On Con Spouses:
It is an open secret that Chesya Burke and I are con spouses. Besides cutting expenses by rooming together, we watch each others backs and keep each other out of trouble. For those wondering how my wife views our arrangement, allow me to quote her: “I’ve heard you and Chesya talk on the phone. I’m so not worried.” In fact, many people thought that Chesya and I were married, then quickly realized that we bickered too much, even for a married couple.

For the record, the actual arrangement is that Simon Wood and I are her con wives. I daresay that Simon and I have so indulged her that we’ve created the rarest of beasts: the literary diva.

Lord help us.

On new drinks:
I discovered a new drink: Ginger Ale and Rum. It was determined that I liked girly drinks a little too much and this would make a good compromise. Having learned from watching my friends at Horrorfind, tequila is not your friend. So there was no repeat of what I will call “The Horrorfind Incident”. Nor, as lore has it, was there a repeat of my “hurling monkeys” indulgence (though I want the record to reflect, Garrett Peck kept up with me, drink for drink, at that WHC!) Um, this probably qualifies as me running my mouth. Moving on.

On The Gross Out Contest:
I attended my first Gross Out Contest. From what I had heard about this tradition, I was afraid that it was going to be like the old NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Contest: too many props and gimmicks and not enough jam. Though entertaining, I am there for the story. I needn’t have worried. Congratulations Cullen Bunn for winning. The judges had the right top four, though I though Wrath was robbed of second place. He’s becoming the Susan Lucci of the Gross Out.