In addition to the people I have already mentioned, I’d like to send a special shout out to people who especially made this con experience so enjoyable. I can’t name everyone, but watch me get in trouble as I try:

new friends:
Andre Duza, Sheree Thomas, Gary Braunbeck, Tom Piccirilli, Alice Henderson, Ann Laymon (and Jackie!), Eunice and Greg Magill, James Moore, and Dallas Mahr.

old friends:
my beloved Catwoman (Tracy West), Marcy Italiano, Mikey Huyck, Brian Knight, Mort Castle, Tom and Elizabeth Monteleone, Mark and Jeannie Worthen, Gerard Hourner, Matt and Deena Warner, and the ever wonderful, Jen Orosel.

Old enemies:
Nick Kaufmann. Hmm, I guess that makes him the only enemy.

And a special, special shout out to the lovely ladies of Horror-Web.

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