Some people just like the idea of being a writer.

They may go to conventions, they may hang out in writer’s groups, they may hang out on message boards that writers frequent, and they may even count several writers among their friends. To go that extra step, they may even have a writing project that they’ve been working on (for a long time that never seems to get done).

Put simply, some folks may simply indulge the trappings of being a writer. However, that doesn’t make them writers.

I’m reminded of how my high school English teacher defined writers: writers finish things.

Don’t get me wrong, we may have drawers full of unfinished projects (and projects that need to stay buried in those drawers); but if you’re serious about being a writer, you’ve finished some stories. You’re finishing that novel or screenplay. Even if no one sees it except the bottom of your trunk.

You don’t just have a blog talking about your writing, or rather, what you want to do. You don’t just regale your friends with tales of the ideas that you have.

Writers finish things.

Writers who want to be professional writers submit things.

Um, writers also occasionally blow their deadlines, but dammit, I’m gonna finish this essay I was supposed to have done by now before I bury it in my drawer.