(a.k.a. the list formerly known as New Year’s Resolutions)

So I’ve been on a bit of a blog sabbatical (I haven’t even been reading blogs, much less writing any) as I have been wrapping up a draft of a new dark fantasy novel. (Okay, sure, I’ve been busy with the holidays, what with Christmas and New Year’s activities). Still, it’s a good time to reflect not only on the previous year’s accomplishments, but set new goals to strive for. (I prefer to set goals rather than make resolutions. Resolutions are cheap promises that I’m prone to breaking at my earliest convenience. Goals are something to work toward.)

Last year’s goals of writing two short stories, a novella, and a novel were handily met. I doubled my short story goal with the stories, two of which have already been sold: “I, Theodora”, “A Young Man and His Games” (Doorways Magazine), “Snapping Points” (MagusZine), “Temple of Regrets”. I finished the novella “Orgy of Souls” with Wrath James White, which we are now shopping around. I finished my novel tentatively titled “The Hope of Breton Court” and am soon to be wrapping up the novel “Black Son Rising” with my collaborator, Steven L. Shrewsbury.

For 2008, I want to challenge myself a little more to continue to capitalize on any career momentum I may be experiencing. I’m not the most disciplined of writers, so without realistic goals, I’d probably sit around and do nothing but blog and play being a writer on the Internet. So I plan to write half a dozen short stories, revise my first novel as well as my most recent one, and then write a new novel. Not included in the writing output are the reviews, columns, and blogs that I write. Nor am I counting the stories I take off the shelf, dust off, and attempt to breathe new life into.

I also want to read more. I only read 14 books last year, not including the amount of material I read for research. My recent track record had been: 2004 (34), 2005 (13), 2006 (7). Of course, it’s the Bram Stoker award season, so I have plenty of books to get caught up on with a few I’m planning to review.

For 2008, I probably ought to get a new message board theme. My sister also serves as one of my board mods, and more specifically, is in charge of board design. So this serves as notice to all prospective editors who may drop by to lurk: every now and then, some repressed memory of childhood/sibling rivalry rears up in her head and she takes it out on my board. The discussions tend to go like this:

Me: You are aware that I have a carefully crafted professional image to maintain.
My Sister: You made me eat catfood when I was 7.

I have no memory of such events, but that’s the only thing I have to explain why my board has continued to morph from that Strawberry Shortcake/Hello Kitty look to my current Saturday morning cartoon theme.

Happy Writing in 2008!

If you want to make sure that I see your comment or just want to stop by and say hi, feel free to do so on my message board. I apologize in advance for some of my regulars.