A new year, a new set of writing goals.  Well, first off, my computer crashed last month, so it’s causing me to fall behind on many of my projects.  But before I get to my excuses, let me see what my goals were for 2013:

Thinking through my 2013 goals:  I will begin the year with Steppin’ Razor (novella), The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (my Pimp My Airship novelization), and a short story set in my steamfunk universe;  I have four stories I “have” to write, but I’d like to get six completed; I will complete my half of the Wrath book; I have a movie script I need to get going on; I have two novels and two short stories to dust off, revise, and get into the publication pipeline.

The report card was a mixed bag.  I finished Steppin’ Razor, a novelette that is now out in the current issue of Asimov’s SF.  I finished several stories in my steamfunk universe:  Babylon Systems, All God’s Chillun Gots Wings, (120 Degrees of) Know the Ledge.  All told, I have over 50K in short stories in that universe.  I also started my steampunk novel (currently titled Naptown by Airship, but I may go ahead and just call it Pimp My Airship: A Re-Mix).  I also started a hard crime/urban fantasy novel with Jason Sizemore (tentatively called Serpent).

Other short stories completed include “Ebony Paradox” (Punchnels), “Read Me Up” (What Fates Impose), and “Electric Spanking of the War Babies” (Glitter & Mayhem).

I did dust off one of those novels.  You will hopefully be hearing some news about that soon.  Ditto with the short stories.  I never got around to the movie script though.


As for 2014, my goals are to finish the two novels, write another six short stories, complete an anthology project, perhaps release a collection or two, and write a novella.  First up, however, getting a new laptop so that my son can get his back.