It’s a good thing I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions … yeah, I need to just quit doing these.  Just by glancing at my goal list from last year, I’m already disheartened:

For 2011, I want to challenge myself a little more to continue to capitalize on whatever career momentum I may be experiencing. I’m not the most disciplined of writers, so without realistic goals, I’d probably sit around and do nothing but blog and play being a writer on the Internet. So I plan to write half a dozen short stories, write my creative non-fiction take on the book of Hosea (co-written with Danny Carroll), write a book on urban ministry (with Bob Schultz), write a postapocalyptic novel (with Wrath James White), and finish Pimp My Airship:  The Novel.

I’m writing this blog as I assess how I actually did, but my gut has that sinking feeling already.  Stories I wrote in 2011 were:

-Communication Breakdown (Cadence in Decay anthology)

-The Gift (because I felt the need to attempt a paranormal romance … at 8000 words.  Plus the market I was aiming for was paying $1000 per story)

-Steppin Razor (a Jamaican steampunk story that needs to make up its mind if it wants to be a novel)

-The Volunteer (another on spec piece for an anthology I am excited about seeing even if I don’t make it in)

Four out of six, giving us a percentage of 66.7% and a grade of D.

On the novel side, I thought co-writing was going to be the key to getting a lot of words on the page, but I forgot that increases the odds of procrastination exponentially.  Projects completed were:

-Prone to Wander (co-written with Pastor Danny Carroll)

-A Community of Shepherds (freelance gig)

-Lyta’s Dance (my children’s book.  You may be hearing more about this in 2012 as my collaborator was a painter, not a writer)

One out of four, truth be told, though I did throw in two other projects, so I’ll give myself 75% and play for the C.

For 2012, I don’t know where to set my goals.  I know I have to leave room for some freelance work that pops up (which maybe I’d feel better about my goals if I listed them).  I have two short stories in the back of my skull that need an excuse to be born.  I only have three stories out there actively searching for a home.  So I’m going to set my goal for six short stories.

On the novel front, I have three definite projects:  Scout (my first sci-fi novel attempt), Pimp My Airship (I need to commit to doing this … and soon), and a Middle Grade detective novel (children’s books have my interest of late).  Then I will return to my collaboration with Wrath James White before he crawls through teh Interwebz and chokes my procrastinating ass or figure out what I need to do with Steppin Razor.

In the mean time, I’ll massage these projects through the publication machine so that they don’t stop at things piling up in my drawer (read:  I’m building in an excuse to not make my goals for next year as I OBVIOUSLY have to do further drafts of old projects).