“What kind of schmuck-ass system can this be? … What? People, they just–they–They reset their watches when they commute? They just change their watches every time they cross a time zone? What is this, a joke?” –Toby Ziegler, “20 Hours in America” (The West Wing)

I survived my recent move (though my computer didn’t, thus my intermittent internet presence) and my anniversary, but it’s Daylight Savings Time that’s trying to finish me off. Okay, that and a string of tornadoes that seemed to follow me this past weekend, but that’s all a part of life in Indiana.

Now, it’s been a while since Indiana was made the national butt of jokes at the hand of an entire episode of television, but who’s to say that didn’t help folks finally decide to revisit the issue of whether we should join, you know, the rest of the country (except for Arizona, but honestly, is Arizona the example we should be marrying our image to?). Most of the state is officially on Eastern time now (which means no longer setting my phones and computers to the “Indiana” time zone), but the northern corner of the state (which we should just go ahead and cede to Chicago) and the southern tip of the state (which I’m not opposed to ceding to Kentucky) are on Central time.

At any rate, this seems like such a good idea in theory, though I went through Sunday feeling a little off the whole day. The sermon seemed to go on forever (my wife turned to me and asked “has ‘He Who Would Be Head Pastor’ really only been speaking for 15 minutes?” Turned out we’d been switching back and forth between our DST-adjusted watches and the non-adjusted clocks on the wall). I was an hour late to everything (read: I finally had something to blame it on, other than running on CP time). I’m not the only one having adjustment issues.

SHOALS, Ind. — For some people, the time changes that take effect next Sunday are a nuisance … But when Indiana adopts daylight-saving time at 2 a.m. April 2, new time zone boundaries also will go into effect. Martin County will move to the Central time zone, and Lawrence County will be one hour ahead, in the Eastern time zone … Hoosiers for the first time in more than 30 years will join most of the country in observing daylight-saving time. Also, Martin and seven other counties will move to the Central time zone. While supporters hoped the changes would make telling time in Indiana simpler, that’s not the case in Shoals. Residents fear the adjustment will complicate life for businesses that operate in both Shoals and Bedford. They worry that simple tasks such as going to the post office could suddenly become much more difficult.

I find this especially ironic that while we are debating letting folks buy booze on Sundays, we give bars an hour less to sell booze when our city is hosting the NCAA Final Four Tournament. DST defenders point out that bars can make it up in the fall when they get an extra hour to sell, however we won’t have the Final Four crowd in the fall! On the whole though, people, quit your moaning. Let me tell you, I like having that extra hour of daylight to play by. I never realized how many clocks that I had in my life. So you’re gonna have to give me a minute to get used to this.

I’ll just probably be an hour late posting this.

(CP time + DS time = lateness squared. And if I have to explain CP time to you, you probably don’t need to worry about it. Or you need more black people in your life.)

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