Yes, it’s another Pink Night of the Soul. My sister (who sends her thanks for everyone’s prayers) is back as a MOD on my board and felt like declaring her presence.


I’d like to once again apologize. Consider it technical difficulties that are taking longer than expected to fix. Remember, two things: one, it is part a horror message board, so of course we expects sights that might send a person away screaming; and two, you can always go back in time and look at your favorite board(s) and “remember when …” Since I’m preparing to go out of town to a convention while planning my own, for now, a meme:

How Much is Your Life Worth?

Your Life Is Worth…


Apparently I also need to increase my insurance.

If you want to make sure that I see your comment or just want to stop by and say hi, feel free to do so on my message board. I apologize in advance for some of my regulars.