I was listening to the Colin Cowherd show the other day and he was ranting about how cities earn their reputation. Reputations can be assets or detriments depending on what those reps say about the place in question. This prompted me to think about how true this was of people also.

Rumors may swirl around you, people may talk about you, but if they are saying the same things, one has to believe that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. I believe that there are Teflon folks and there are Velcro folks. With Teflon folks, nothing sticks to them. Rumors might spread about them, but what makes them Teflon is that the rumors don’t track with their personality and character and thus don’t really stick. Velcro folks, on the other hand, everything sticks to them because the rumors aren’t a stretch to imagine and line up with how they are or act.

Think of a reputation as a brand. Think of the reputations some of your friends or family have. They are promiscuous. They are unstable and need to be medicated. They are drunken buffoons. They are spoiled. They are a no account loser who can’t hold a job. They only use people to get what they want.

Don’t get me wrong, people can be the victims of cruel smear campaigns. I remember high school. However, I’m talking about the reputation you have among your friends, among those who really know you. You can rail about how everyone misunderstands you, how everyone else is in the wrong. Or you could examine yourself. At some point, it might be check the mirror time. There might be a point where you have to examine your method, how you handle situation, how you comport yourself.

We develop blind spots about ourselves. Sometimes other folks see things we can’t see. Meanwhile, our whole lives are an advertisement, a testimony, to the type of brand we are. Because people earn their reputations.

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