I first met Neil Gaiman at World Horror Convention in 2002.  Sure at the time, he was an obvious fanboy, but was sure in time he’d grow into a professional.  I let him present me with an award (for the short story contest) and took him under my wing, whether he realized it or not, with my prose.

There were plenty of times when I’m sure he suffered from writers block or was just looking for inspiration, so he picked up some of my work from his shelves and re-read them just to remind him 
why he writes in the first place.  To rekindle his love of story.  From time to time, I’m sure he recalled my words of wisdom and encouragement and obviously how much of an inspiration I’ve been to him.  Even check in on my blog and twitter just to feel connected.

Eight years later, I realized that he’s come a long way.  I’m so proud of Neil.  So when he found himself in Indianapolis a few weeks back, it was an opportunity to     once again remind me what an inspiration I am.  This time around, I even presented him with a copy of my new novel, King Maker.

Look how professional he looks now.

And that’s how I choose to remember things.