Alice Henderson’s book, VORACIOUS, is now out! It was also picked up by five book of the month clubs, including Book of the Month Club, BOMC2, The Literary Guild, Doubleday Book Club and the Science Fiction Book Club. So Penguin is doing a special hardback edition of it for that! Yay!

Here’s a link to the book on Penguin’s site.

I’d like to officially give a hearty congratulations to Simon Wood and all of his recent success. I can’t wait for his blog on his recent adventures.

And in a semi-self-serving announcement (all will become clear at a future date), some good news about Shroud Publishing:

For the past several months, Shroud Publishing has been working very hard to get Shroud Magazine into the Ingram Periodicals machine, so that Shroud can potentially be distributed through Ingram’s chain partners and independent retailers in the United States and Canada. The dream – and goal – would be that Shroud Magazine would grace the shelves of every Barnes & Noble and B. Dalton in the country.

As of today, Ingram Periodicals ordered 1400 issues of Shroud Magazine, Issue #6. This is huge, of course. Here’s the rub: these issues have been ordered, not paid for, so that means Shroud needs to generate revenue for the print run. THIS is a big issue for folks to advertise in, so because of this, Shroud is offering special rates for Authors and small press publishers.

More Details:

Purchase a quarter page ad for the nationally distributed Issue #6 of Shroud. This offer is limited to the first 100 ads. In addition to a number of online retailers and national independent book stores, Shroud will be available across major retailers in the US and Canada beginning in MAY!

This is a fantastic opportunity for independent authors, publishers, artists, designers, photographers, and musicians to gain the exposure they need to sell their work. In an effort to provide cost-friendly exposure to my creative brethren, AND to fund this print run, they are slashing their quarter-page ad rates for Issue #6 by 40%. This means a $50 ad will now be available for $30.

You can find the rate card and advertising information here.

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