Cat, the co-editor of the Red Light District Anthology that I’ve already been rejected from before I submit, recently posted this notice:

Hey Tracy,

I also wanted to drop you a line because I know you are into the horror genre, like me. I decided to start looking for families that love horror and I thought of you. I know you run some message boards and work with some authors. I was wondering if you mind passing my info along to see if there are any families are interested. You know the type of personalities we look for and the requirements- 2 parents and at least one child between 7 and 17. If a family is cast based on your referral, we will give you $1,000. J I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask you! Thanks. Tell everyone I said hello!

Just thought I’d throw that out there. Actually I know several families that would be good for this, but I would get in touch with those folks before sending info on to the show folks. If you’re interested and want to know more (and my feelings on it) let me know.


There are many reasons I love my wife, chief among them (besides her ability to put up with my odd ways of declaring my love) being that she’s so often the voice of reason and reality grounding in the Broaddus household. When I mentioned the Wife Swap idea, she made two simple points:

1) Do you know how you’d look on national TV?

2) Wouldn’t it be funny if they swapped me for Chesya?

Yeah, that’d be just my luck. During Mo*Con, my wife and Chesya got to hang out together for a whole weekend. Good times (READ: Exhibit A on why polygamy is a bad idea – that’s only more women that I won’t be able to please). Hmm, let me see if I can draw on my convention experience with Chesya to imagine what my life would be like:

-Chesya on sleeping arrangements: “Of course I get the whole bed. There’s plenty of floor. Here, I’ll even give you a pillow. Yeah only one. Do you know who I am?”

-Chesya on fixing dinner: “Maurice, I’m hungry. Yes, it’s two in the morning. I want a slice of pizza.”*

-Chesya on dressing: “No, you ain’t wearing that. You don’t get to out dress me. Do you know who I am?”

Of course, now that I think about it, Maurice Broaddus and Chesya Burke living together sounds like a TV sitcom pitch. Someone call an agent!

*Yeah, yeah, laugh it up all you WHC 2005 attendees who actually witnessed that one.

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