Looking at the results, I think I got about half of my goals and resolutions for 2006 accomplished. This year, I’m keeping it simple. I want to finish two short stories, a novella, and a novel this year. I have the ideas for all of them already, I just need to find the time to work on them. I have a bunch of projects lined up for 2007, far too few of them involve me actually writing beyond my regular blogs and columns. Although, to be honest, I am trying to leave myself some flexibility for stories and articles that I’ll be asked to write. I’m just saying.

In the meantime, I need to finish my novella collaboration with Wrath James White. One reason I dreamt of doing this was to stretch me, to experiment with each other’s wheelhouse, and it’s pretty much going as I expected. Mental note: don’t bait Wrath (in one of our e-mail exchanges, he said that we “were ready for a teleological argument for God”. I said that I wanted to cut a woman in half first. He then wrote back, rather ominously, “really, is that how we’re playing now?”). Wrath will always rise to that occasion. A friend of mine is reading the rough draft so far in the other room. I keep hearing shouts of “Oh my God”. I’m just going to pretend that he’s having an impromptu praise service.

I also need to finish my novel collaboration with Steve Shrewsbury. Steve is what I’m now calling a “testosterone plotter”. I’m doing my level best to hang on and provide the atmosphere and grounding for the mayhem.

Simple goals. At least it sounds simple right now.

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