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So my head’s been down as I have a looming deadline that I have officially run out of ways to procrastinate from (except for me Tweeting). In the mean time, I probably ought to do some sort of writerly type update about things going on:

1) For those who missed my interview on the Funky Werepig podcast, it has been archived.

Is there a better way to spend your Sunday than with the Sinister Minister, MAURICE BROADDUS? A favorite of the critics, he mixes his strong beliefs with a love of horror! From his numerous publication and books to creating his own festival Mo-Con, the Werepig will do his best to fit it all into just 90 minutes!

2) Harlan County Horrors will be debuting later this year. It will kick off with a special signing event at The Morris Book Shop in Lexington, KY on October 24th from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. Team Broaddus will be making an appearance there. Here’s a sneak peak at the Table of Contents:

Introduction by Mari Adkins
Harlan Moon TL Trevaskis
The Witch of Black Mountain Alethea Kontis
Trouble Among the Yearlings Maurice Broaddus
Greater of Two Evils Steven L. Shrewsbury
Hiding Mountain: Our Future in Apples Earl P. Dean
Spirit Fire Robby Sparks
The Power of Moonlight Debbie Kuhn
The Thing at the Side of the Road Ronald Kelly
Kingdom Come Jeremy C. Shipp
Yellow Warblers Jason Sizemore
Psychomachia Geoffrey Girard
Inheritance Stephanie Lenz
Afterword: Harlan County: A Short History by Preston Halcomb

3) For a sampling of all sorts of Apex Books stuff, from Alethea Kontis’ Beauty and Dynamite to my own Orgy of Souls, there are all sorts of goodies here.

4) For those wondering how <-- this picture of me recounting a story might tie into any upcoming releases, you’ll have to wait a few more months for Morbid Curiosity Cures the Blues. -->

Episode 31: Give me a slice of Mr. Broaddus

I was on another JustLifeTv podcast. The topic was my idea given a conversation that my wife and I had a week or so ago (which then was echoed by Team Broaddus).

Episode Synopsis
Almost everyone I know is busy. Busy with work, family obligations, hobbies, etc. Busy-ness has become a virtue in our culture. So today, we’re going to talk about what contributes to our busy-ness and what we are doing to keep our heads above water.

You can check out the podcast directly here. The whole idea of learning to rest is a tough one for me, though it might be time for me to revisit my blog Take Your Ass Home.

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I’m Not Really A Writer…

… I just play one on the Internet. At least that’s the feeling I had up until this year. So this has been the year of Maurice, my coming out party of sorts. At long last, stories of mine have finally started coming out, giving tangible evidence of me being a “real” writer (as opposed to someone who writes a lot about being a writer and only has an Internet/convention presence). So I am doing a year in review before making any resolutions.

“In the Shadows of Meido” came out through IDW Publishing Comics. I was profiled in a local paper, INtake Weekly, and then asked to blog for them on a regular basis. My story “Family Business” came out in Weird Tales followed by “Black Frontiers” in the anthology, Voices from the Other Side: Dark Dreams II.

I got sucked into becoming the comic books review editor at Hollywood Jesus, thus having yet another excuse to have to keep buying comics. My oddest writing assignment of the year came with me writing for the American Tract Society. Blogging for INtake led to a regular column with them. However, since I can’t blog often enough, or in enough places, I also began blogging for Blogging in Black.

I ended the year with my story, “Since We Can Die But Once,” coming out in the DeathGrip: Exit Laughing anthology. Then seven of my reviews were picked up for the Hollywood Jesus Reviews 2005-2006. I was interviewed for two podcasts: one for Snark Infested Waters about my horror writing and the other for The Studio Upstairs about my work for Hollywood Jesus.

Not to mention, I’ve written the equivalent of two novels for this blog during 2006.

2006 was a good year. I have already had critical essay accepted for Cutting Edge (“The Passion of the Christ”) as well as a short story accepted for the Eldritch Steel: Swords and Mythos Sorcery anthology (“The Iron Hut”) due out in 2007. I’m officially up to the level of a nobody in the writing community.

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I’ve had a huge increase in spam in the last month. So much so that it has caused my mailbox to sometimes register as full (to those who have had bounce back e-mails to me). I was forced to ask can spam be seasonal? I mean, it’s December, I must REALLY want a larger penis now. And Russian women REALLY want to talk to me badly?

Speaking of spam, in case you missed it, last week’s Intake column is up. With a focus on The Dwelling Place. This week’s column relates to a play I recently went to see, “I have Before Me a Remarkable Document Given to Me by a Young Lady from Rwanda.”

Over on Blogging in Black, I have a new post up called “Be Professional”.

Also, I was interviewed by The Studio Upstairs podcast about the reviews I do for Hollywood Jesus. You can find the podcast here.

Oh, and the new Hollywood Jesus Reviews 2005-2006 is now available. My reviews of ATL, Final Destination 3, Glory Road, Slither, Superman Returns, Take the Lead, X-Men: The Last Stand made the cut. It’s a best of from the past year, that is, an additional resource.

*suddenly possessed by the spirit of someone unaware of how publishing works*

Wait. Quit pointing out that these reviews are available online free. Allow me to have my publishing career. Let me enjoy my sales. What do you mean stories available online are considered published? Quit providing links to them and e-pirating my reviews.


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Thanksgiving Announcements

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m thankful for friends, family, my church, my job, my readers, and my health. I try to live my life being grateful every day, so this holiday offers me only the occasion to be thankful for a day off. So rather than do some holiday themed blog, I got a couple of announcements:

1) I got around to having my website updated. By “I” I mean Deena Warner stepped in and bailed out my “the Internet works by magic”, techno-oblivious self. Among the updates, I have finally posted the footage from Mo*Con I, which means you can now see Brian Keene’s sermon as well as a reading and Q&A; time. It’s on the photos page of my site.

2) I was interviewed by Taylor Kent AKA the Snark Avenger as a guest for his podcast Snark Infested Waters to talk about ministry and horror and Christian horror and stuff. You can find my interview here. You might as well keep the site bookmarked: next week it’s Angeline Hawkes and Christopher Fulbright.

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