Nice Website, Nicer Sister

Because I’m not above occasionally using this blog to pimp things, my sister Ro has launched her web site, Ro’s Many Hats. From the site:

I’m a stay-at-home mother of three who loves to try new things and share what I learn with those around me. If I can help, I’ll certainly try to.
From braiding hair to making candy, I consider myself a “Jane-of-All-Trades.” There’s so much that I already enjoy doing and I look forward to learning and trying many more. Among those are:

· Hair braiding, natural do’s, extensions and traditional styles
· Makeup application and eyebrow arching
· Scrapbooking
· Making custom chocolates and truffles
· Typing and computer services
· Violin and other stringed instrument lessons
· Event planning
· Child care
· Tutoring
· Beginning Spanish lessons

And because I’m in complete suck up mode, I’ve been instructed to encourage you to vote for her newest, Orion, as a Beautiful Baby.

Go check them out.

Orion Rising

Long time readers of my blog have walked with me through the trials of my sister. I’m not going to re-hash everything here (if you want a summary, you can click here and here for the dark times, although there was a wedding I officiated in between them).

The last year has brought an end to her doing her best impersonation of Job. I thought that I’d update you all on the latest bit. Actually, a picture is worth a thousand words:

Born at 8:40 a.m., Orion Lee Griffin. 7 lbs 4 oz and 20 inches long.

(She had banned me from the hospital during the C-section and the first six hours of recovery. Something about me being … me. Though, for the record, it was our fellow board member, Doug W. who coined the phrase “nether region living organism launch!”)

Now that she’s a lot less grumpy, I’m sure she’ll be returning to her duties as one of my board moderators. I can only hope she’ll change the theme of my board back to something, I don’t know, more “horror writer appropriate” (though I am thankful she got rid of the My Little Pony/Hello Kitty and 80s Saturday Morning Cartoon themes).

If you want to make sure that I see your comment or just want to stop by and say “hi”, feel free to stop by my message board. We always welcome new voices to the conversation.

Dear Miss Ro – America’s Best Dance Crew

It’s sad that our relationship has hit a bumpy patch because of America’s Best Dance Crew. I know, I know. You’re still reeling over Kaba Modern (your second favorite crew) being voted off and the final two crews coming down to Status Quo (my favorite) and JabbaWockeeZ (your favorite). I recognize that Jabba and Kaba operate on a whole other level, but I thought I’d make my case for why I think the right two crews are going head-to-head.

There were three schools of crews in America’s Best Dance Crew: the technically brilliant (Jabba, Kaba, Iconic) , the more raw street style (Status Quo, Live in Color, Fysh n Chicks), and the other (BreakSk8, Femme 5). The other/novelty acts went as far as they could (BreakSk8 represent!), but the show rightly came down to the best of the two schools.

Sure, Status Quo is sloppy. Their choreography is a mess. They are like a three ring circus every time they perform, like short attention span theater for dancers. Their brand of barely controlled chaos reminds me of an NBA team: a bunch of individual stars who struggle to work together half the time. But they get credit for their creativity, their energy level, their stunts and their sense of humor. They are audience crowd pleasers.

JabbaWockeeZ are just. Plain. Stupid. Status Quo may be my favorite group, but that was taking Jabbawockeez (and Kaba Modern) out of the equation, because [those two groups] are sick. While both groups execute with near machine-like perfection, Jabba got the edge because they have a greater stage presence. Their choreography not only is creative, but they engage the crowd in ways Kaba hadn’t.

You knew at some point the competition was going to come down between Jabba and Kaba, we just wanted it in the final episode and not the penultimate one. Think of it this way, I understand the pain you are feeling: I still haven’t quite gotten over the first season of American Idol when I thought the showdown should have been between Kelly Clarkson and Tamyra Gray.

Anyway, I know you’ll be voting right up until the finale airs Thursday.

So you really don’t have to take your anger at me out on my message board. You know, not many pictures even exist of me in an Afro, so I know you had to go WAY back to find some (for those keeping score at home, I’m in the yellow shirt). You realize that not even our mother has pictures of me in any form of an Afro because I confiscated all such pictures when I moved out. But Of COURSE you manage to dig one up.

Come on over to my house. I’ll fix you dinner. We’ll lead up to the finale of America’s Best Dance Crew by watching the previous episodes. It’ll be okay.

If you want to make sure that I see your comment or just want to stop by and say “hi”, feel free to stop by my message board. We always welcome new voices to the conversation.