I, too, prefer to set goals rather than make resolutions. Resolutions are cheap promises that I’m prone to breaking at my earliest convenience. Goals are something to work toward.

For 2004, my goals were to write ten new short stories, get published in an anthology, get three new publishing credits, finish my second novel, and get a book deal with an agent or publisher. How did I do? I wrote eight new stories (Mysterium Tremendum, Nurse’s Requiem, Black Frontiers, A Dog’s Day, Dead Love, Managed Anger, Secret Garden, and Night of the Living Baseheads). I was published in three anthologies (Hollywood Jesus Reviews, Crossings, and Small Bites), which, along with Night of the Living Baseheads, made for five new publishing credits (not including my reviews on the Hollywood Jesus web site, www.HollywoodJesus.com). I finished my second novel, Pantheon of Dreams, and am in the final third of my third novel, Caught Up!. But, no book deal. Came close a few times, but no.

For 2005, I’m trying to up the ante a bit, push myself a little more. I still aim to finish ten new short stories (I already have six in mind). I want to do second drafts on Pantheon of Dreams and Caught Up!. I have two non-fiction books that I have to draft (Stepping on Toes, a dating book, and an untitled project on spirituality, culture, and television). There are two horror novels I have rattling around in my head, so I want to draft one of those and research/outline the second. I’m aiming for five new publishing credits. Most importantly, I’m going to find an agent and a publisher for my first novel, Strange Fruit.

However, I am solemnly making a resolution to exercise more and lose 25 lbs. It’s a bit easier to stick to those goals since 1) I’m the cook in the family, thus what I eat, they eat; and 2) convention season is right around the corner and I’m just vain enough to need to look good for the World Horror Convention.