The year has barely started and I’m already looking back. What sucks about the Internet is that this is out there for folks to check against. For instance:

For 2005, I’m trying to up the ante a bit, push myself a little more. I still aim to finish ten new short stories (I already have six in mind). I want to do second drafts on Pantheon of Dreams and Caught Up!. I have two non-fiction books that I have to draft (Stepping on Toes, a dating book, and an untitled project on spirituality, culture, and television). There are two horror novels I have rattling around in my head, so I want to draft one of those and research/outline the second. I’m aiming for five new publishing credits. Most importantly, I’m going to find an agent and a publisher for my first novel, Strange Fruit.

So, how did I fare? I finished eight short stories, only three of which were ones I had in mind at the beginning of the year. On the plus side, it means that the remaining three ideas are still rattling around in my head gestating. I have yet to finish the second drafts of my second and third novels. However, I do have three non-fiction proposals floating around out there: Stepping on Toes: Learning the Dating Dance, ETv: Engaging Television from a Spiritual Perspective, and Coloring Up Your Lives! I still have those two horror novels in mind, ready for the outlining stage of the game. However, I finished a novella, Devil’s Marionnette (though the publication deal kind of fell through).

I reached my five new publishing credits: “Night of the Living Baseheads” and “In the Shadows of Meido” with IDW Publishing; “Secret Garden” at Flash Me Fiction; “Black Frontiers” with Dark Dreams II; and “Since We Can Die But Once” with DeathGrip: Exit Laughing. That’s not including the seven reviews I had picked up for the 2004-2005 Hollywood Jesus Reviews collection.

So, for 2006, I have to keep pushing myself. I want to start and finish writing a novel with Steve Shrewsbury. I want to start and finish writing a novel with Wrath James White. I want to start and finish a screenplay. I have to do second drafts of those novels (before May) and start and finish my own new novel project. I am going to get an agent this year, at least five new publishing credits, and once again, the goal is to write ten new short stories.

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