Well, I’m already late to the game of having to think through which conventions I will be attending in 2012.  Typically my convention schedule is more a matter of figuring out how much I am going to have to save up in order to attend any.  I love conventions, though I felt I over did it this year (though maybe it was a matter of too many in too short a period of time).  Conventions are a time of creative renewal, an opportunity to network with other writers and editors, see old friends, meet new ones, and interact with fans.

So I try to maximize my opportunities to do all of those things (which is the only way to justify the trip to my family, as it’s more time away from them than just the act of writing itself).  As of right now, here are my appearances for 2012:

Texas Library Association – April 18 – 19 (Houston, TX)

African American Pioneers of Horror and Science Fiction (CPE#309: SBEC 1.0) – 10:15 – 11:50 AM

Creating good horror and science fiction is a true art. Join a panel of African Americans authors as they discuss the unique and appealing elements of these genres and share selections. A business meeting follows the program. Maurice Broaddus and Nalo Hopkinson. Black Caucus Round Table.

Mo*Con – May 4 – 6 (Indianapolis, IN)

Brought to you by the Indiana Horror Writers, Mo*Con is a convention focused on conversations revolving around horror literature and spirituality.  If you enjoy writing, horror, fantasy, and food, you’ll find plenty to enjoy at this convention.  Mary Robinette Kowal, Nate Southard, Mary Sangiovanni, John Edward Lawson, Mike Altman.

Readercon 23 – July 12-15, 2012 (Burlington, MS)

Gencon – August 16-19 (Indianapolis, IN)

Worldcon – August 30 – September 3 (Chicago, IL)

There were a few other conventions on my radar [C2E2 (April 13-15, Chicago, IL), Harlem Book Fair (July 23, Harlem, NY), Indianapolis Black Expo (July 7-17, Indianapolis, IN), Chicago Comic Con (August 9-12, Chicago, IL)], but with those other ones being my priority, they’ll have to wait til next year.

How do you decide which conventions are the best for you?  Any great ones I’m missing out on?