Tonight was the first of a series of living room concerts The Learning Tree plans on putting on over the next few months. We at The Learning Tree want to showcase and celebrate the gifts and talents present in our neighborhood. Culinary artists, writers, poets, musicians, activists, organizers, videographers, and visual artists all within a few blocks. The people here, doing the work to effect change. The goal of the concerts is to network and connect them with people with resources who also want to effect change. To figure out ways to support the work that’s already being done, but that’s not always seen.

Tonight’s featured artists were Leslie RedJanuarie York, and Damon Dulin (with special appearances by Ro Townsend and Earl E. Townsend, whose Open Bite Night Revolution is coming up in a few weeks).

[And you’ll have to forgive my crappy pictures. I’ll soon be posting pics by Wildstyle Paschall and Diop Adisa on The Learning Tree site when I get them]