Okay, no more family pics. I’ve done author shots and super heroes, so i thought that I’d round them out with actual shots of the family.

It’ not too hard to get a good shot of Reese. He has that special Broaddus sense of knowing when there’s a camera around and posing appropriately.
On the other hand, getting a good shot of Malcolm (read: him cooperating) is another matter entirely.I’ll probably have this shot made into a T-shirt. I find it handy to wear one when I go to the mall with the boys, so that when they get cute and act like I’m some random guy kidnapping them, I have proof of ownership.
This continues a Broaddus family tradition. We have a Y shot when we were just me, the wife, and the firstborn.
The couple in repose.
If you look closely, we look like we actually like each other. It’s been eight years now. I’m sure she’s still asking herself “who is this man, and why did my credit go bad?”

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