(aka I’m letting my inbox recover from yesterday’s post …)

Well, 2008 is shaping up to be a serious breakout year for me. The year where I finally feel like I’m no longer just playing a writer on the Internet. My story “Snapping Points” is currently up on the MagusZine site (which also has a new story by Jason Sizemore).

Come March, you will find me in a couple of places. Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest #12 will have my story “Broken Strand” (as well as having stuff by Brian Keene, Steven Shrewsbury, Michael West, and Alethea Kontis – all sorts of Mo*Con alumni).
Doorways #5 will have my story “Just a Young Man and His Games” in it (and I’ll be sharing covers with Bob Freeman)
Mo*Con III will see the debut of at least two projects. The first is the novella co-written with Wrath James White, “Orgy of Souls.” I’ll have a separate blog about this one further down the road, which may double as my resignation letter from Christianity entirely as Wrath seemed determined to get me all kinds of fired.

The second is an anthology from the Indiana Horror Writers. I have two stories in there, “Soul Food” (a reprint of the first story ever published by me) and “Dark Night of the Soul”. They will sit proudly along stories by Bob Freeman (“Born Again”), Michael West (“Trolling”), Sara Larson (“Co-Dependency”) and Tracy Jones’ (“The Coven”) among others. Bob not only designed the cover but also the book trailer.

Later on this year will see the arrival of a couple of other new projects, some of them, once more, alongside Bob Freeman and Steve Shrewsbury (my story, “The Iron Hut” coming out in the Eldritch Steel anthology), that I’ll announce closer to when they are coming out. One way to look at this is that I’m stalking Bob, Michael, and Steve. Another is that it’s nice to have your friends enjoying success alongside you.

Oh, and my story “Rite of Passage” was just accepted by Space and Time Magazine. Like I said, not a bad year so far.

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