The irony here is that I usually hate memes, however, I was having a discussion with a couple of friends where we were using other friends names as verbs. There are the obvious ones:

Keene – to inadvertently out one of your message board alts by forgetting to log out before you post again.

Mamatized – when you’ve been handed your butt in an online argument, dispute, or otherwise been shown to be just plain wrong about life and thought.

Haringa-d – when you’ve been handed your butt grammar Nazi-style.

Now, granted, this came up after someone said they had Mauriced in public [1) to annoy or otherwise be unnecessarily sarcastic; 2) a semi-drunken verbal rampage that involves being annoying or otherwise overly sarcastic, though usually ending in declarations of love and/or use of a “preacher’s voice”.] So, choosing five friends, I continue the tradition:

Lauren – to become obsessive compulsive about every aspect of your life or routine. Also known as a Ro.

Rolfingsmeyer – to start a project, bubble with a plethora of ideas about it, only to have the idea fizzle by the wayside as yet another project unfinished. (Specifically, this is referred to as a Rob. The Marcia is when one is playing a game of Magic the Gathering and pull a random/unprovoked/illogical attack on a player which results in your demise in the next turn.)

Stephen noises
– when a generally quiet person clears their throat in preparation of saying something. This includes the resultant pause in all conversation as everyone awaits the pronouncement.

Harp – to prematurely destroy something you’ve created because it isn’t coming out the way you imagined.

West – to have a teddy bear-like innocent love of all things horror related.

Consider yourselves tagged.

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