So I was chastised early today for spending too much time on the computer. Apparently my eldest, Reese, sat next to me singing “you’re not listening to me, you’re not listening to me, you’re not listening to me…” until I responded. (In my defense, it has taken me years of training and discipline to tune out the chatter and noise produced by my two boys in order to concentrate on anything).

Anyway, Reese decided (with Malcolm playing the Amen corner role) that since I was writing, the least I could do was write a story for them, involving them. Reese immediately declared himself the editor and illustrator of the project, and decided that this was a strictly for the love project (despite my emancipation proclamation). Here’s what we have:
Magic Dad: “Who do you love more?”

Page one:
One day, Magic Dad relaxed on the couch watching television. That was the secret way that Magic Dad recharged his powers.

Magic Dad had two sons, Malcolm and Reese, who suddenly rushed into the room as if they had been racing.

Page two:
“Can we ask you a question, dad?” Reese asked. He looked at Malcolm who nodded excitedly.

“Sure,” Magic Dad said, always suspicious when his boys looked like they were up to something.

Page three:
“Who do you love more: me or Malcolm?”

The two boys looked up at him, both with big smiles, trying to look as good as possible.

Page four:
The question caught Magic Dad by surprise. He sat up in his couch, thought about this tricky question for a minute, and then smiled. “I don’t know, I have a lot of people to love and only one heart to do it with. Let’s see.”

Page five:
So Magic Dad reached into his chest and pulled out his heart. It looked like a giant Valentine’s Day heart. The boys both grinned.

Page six:
“How do you do that?” Malcolm asked.

“I’m a Dad. We’re magic,” Magic Dad said.

Page seven:
“So this is my heart. Here’s a piece for you,” he tore off a small corner of his heart and gave it to Malcolm.

“And here’s a piece for you,” he gave a piece to Reese.

Page eight:
Each child looked at the small piece of Magic Dad’s heart. They both looked kind of disappointed.

“Aren’t you happy with what you have?” Magic Dad asked.

Page nine:
“No,” said Reese.

“It’s so small,” said Malcolm.

Page ten:
“You’re right, but I only have one heart and I have to share it with a lot of people. What about Mommy?”

Magic Mommy peeked into the room from the kitchen. One of Magic Dad’s other powers was getting out of having to clean up after dinner.

Page eleven:
“She should get a big piece,” Reese said.

“She can have my piece!” Malcolm said.

Page twelve:
“You’re both so good. I’ll give this piece to Mommy.” Magic Dad put the last piece on the coffee table for Magic Mommy. “There that’s all of it.”

Page thirteen:
“That still doesn’t seem like very much,” Reese said, looking at Magic Mommy’s piece, then at his piece, then at Malcolm’s piece.

“Don’t you need a heart to keep going?” asked Malcolm.

Page fourteen:
“You’re both right. And I’ve given away all of my heart,” Magic Dad said. “How about if I do this?”

Magic Dad blew up each piece of his heart until each piece became a full sized heart.

Page fifteen:
“There,” he said, “now each of you gets all of my heart.”

Both the boys took their pieces and studied at all of the hearts. They were all the same size.

Page sixteen:
“Quick, hand them back to me,” Magic Dad said.

He stuffed all three hearts back into his chest.

“That’s how I keep going: by giving all of my heart to each of you.”

Page seventeen:
Reese and Malcolm finally understood that their Magic Dad loved them both equally and with his whole heart, so they went off to play.

Page eighteen:
“What did you think, Magic Mommy?” Magic Dad said.

Page nineteen:
“I think that you had better get another heart.” Magic Mommy patted her belly.*

Page twenty:
[Shocked picture of Magic Dad]

*This is not some sort of bizarre way for me to announce a surprise (we’ve had this scare before), it was just the only ending I could come up with on the spur of the moment. Once again, I’ll point out, Magic Mommy has had her tubes tied, so should that ending come true, I’ll have to take it up with Magic Deity.

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