Two dear friends of mine (and Mo*Con mainstays!) were recently married and I was asked to give a toast at their reception.  Unfortunately, I was way-laid by a stomach bug/food poisoning (it was quite the toss up, literally and figuratively, considering what I was eating before I got sick), and wasn’t able to make their reception.  Since I wasn’t able to make it, and because I told her I would, I thought I’d post here what I would have said:


A Toast

rhonda and craigFor those who don’t know me, my name is Maurice Broaddus.  I’m a horror and fantasy writer.  I even started an annual writers’ convention and named it after myself, Mo*Con, because, well, I like me a lot.  Now one of the things I’ve always said about Mo*Con is that it’s about relationships.  As much as I’m here to toast the happy couple, I want to talk to you about how this relationship has affected me.

Like I said, I’m a horror writer, I write books, so you can imagine how Rhonda and I first met.  Now Rhonda loves several things:  she loves horror, she loves books, and she loves being in relationship.  Now Rhonda and I’s relationship has grown and changed over the years.  She’s gone from fangirl to friend.

I don’t think you quite get the totality of the transformation of this relationship.  I went from esteemed author, the guy she was nervous to even engage in a conversation, the guy worthy of fan adoration to … her girlfriend.

I no longer got to hear about how great my stories were, I got to hear about diets and outfits and, worst of all, boy troubles.  Oh Lord, she was a walking train wreck of dating calamity.  Non-stop complaints about her dating troubles.

All of which stopped when she met Craig.

I hadn’t met Craig, but I knew all about Craig long before I met him.  My one big take away about Craig:  Rhonda didn’t have to worry about “boy troubles” anymore.  Rhonda had to get used to the idea of having a man in her life who cared about her, wanted to be with her, appreciated her just the way she was.

I learned something else about Craig the first time I got to meet at a Mo*Con.  All of you who don’t know him that well should try this too:  he loves it when a total stranger gives him a hug.  A long unflinching hug where all you’re doing is saying “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

As we’re invited into people’s lives, we’ve had the privilege to watch relationships start and blossom.  I’ve had that privilege with Rhonda and Craig.  I’m sure you agree, these are two special people who have found each other.  And we’re honored to share this time, this moment, with them.

To Rhonda and Craig.