In yesterday’s blog, I pointed to JA Konrath’s suggestions for making a better blog. I wanted to come back to his suggestion number 7:

7. Link to Other Blogs. Go to and sign up for free. It will let you see where your traffic is coming from. This is often an eye-opening experience. The more sites that link to you, the more hits you’ll get. If you want to see who is already linking to you, visit

I love finding new ways to focus on me and God bless the internet for providing new ways to do it. I periodically like to find out how much my blog is worth though more often than not, googling myself leads to new levels of blog humility. You know, all of this started because I was whining about people not reading my blog. Okay, truth be told, there could be thousands of people reading my blog, and I’d still complain that not enough people are reading me. I’m a writer, I’m always looking for a larger audience. This led me to go to It’s another site that lets me do what Konrath was talking about, see how many readers I have and where they come from.

Now a long time ago, a friend of mine warned me not to get addicted to my blog. It’s one thing to post fairly often; it’s another thing entirely to obsess over who is reading you and where they come from. Well, I know how you people find me. I’m the number one destination for people googling “White trash weddings” or “black people fried chicken.”

Some other keys words that kind of stuck out to me (and the blogs they pointed to): Shia Labeouf. Nigrescence. “Dark night of the soul” poem based on sermon. Nerd hierarchy. Slavery and dehumanization. Nick Mamatas or Brian Keene. Though my favorite word searches involved “kids peeing outside” and, well, lyrics to a song that amused me.

The second part of my whining involved people not commenting on blogs. I’ve been having the same conversation with a few blogging friends of mine. The same lament is repeated over and over. “No one’s reading me. I can tell because no one’s commenting.” However, once I got to thinking about it, I realized that it takes a lot to get me to comment on someone’s site. I have close friends who I simply like to harass on their blogs. I read about 50 or so livejournals regularly, and rarely, rarely comment. Same with the dozen or so xangas and myspaces I subscribe to. On top of that, I have another dozen or two random blogs that I read. And don’t comment on.

Just like I’m betting I have tens of readers right now, and none of you will comment on this.

Tens, I say!

I don’t have time to always check the comments all the places where this rant is posted. If you want to make sure that I see it or just want to stop by and say hi, do so on my message board.