When I was in my last year of college, I took an independent writing class supervised Professor Casebeer.  It was a random pairing between student and faculty, but as it turned out, he had done extensive work documenting the work of Stephen King and Clive Barker.   Needless to say, it was a match made in heaven.  When we were discussing where I should start sending my stories, he mentioned a then fledgling magazine called Cemetery Dance.

I began picking up the magazine regularly.  When I read Jack Ketchum’s “The Box”, I vowed that one day I would be in this magazine.  In fact, I made a list of magazines that I would be in one day as a sign to myself that I had made it as a writer:  Cemetery Dance, Weird Tales, and Magazine of Science Fiction and FantasyIn 2006, my story “Family Business” was published in Weird Tales.  Today I’m holding my contributor’s copies of Cemetery Dance.  It has an interview with me (as a “New Voice”!) and a story (“Rainfall”).  That story is a personal favorite of mine (and the amazing Steve Gilberts did the accompanying story art).  It’s about a brother who tries to prevent a bad thing from happening to his baby sister and how powerless we are in the face of tragedies to our loved ones.

Here’s the rundown on the issue (the Graham Masterton Special Issue):

“Anka” by Graham Masterton
“Saint BrÓnach’s Shrift” by Graham Masterton
“An Excerpt from The Cypress House” by Michael Koryta
“Winter Takes All” by Michael Koryta
“Rainfall” by Maurice Broaddus  <== THAT’S ME!
“After-words” by Glen Hirshberg
“Dear Diary” by J. A. Konrath
“Manskin, Womanskin” by Lisa Tuttle
“The Book of the Dead” by David Bell
“The Town Suicide” by S. Craig Renfroe, Jr.

“An Interview with Graham Masterton” by J. A. Konrath
“The Stories that Graham Built” by Matt Williams
“Feature Review : Des cendant by Graham Masterton” by W. D. Gagliani
“A Few Words with Michael Koryta” by Brian James Freeman
“New Voices : Maurice Broaddus” by Steve Vernon <== THAT’S ME, TOO!
“What About Genre, What About Horror” by Peter Straub
“An Interview with Ray Bradbury” by Jonathan R. Eller
“An Interview with Ellen Datlow” by Danica Davidson
“An Interview with Whitley Strieber” by Thomas F. Monteleone

The Usual Suspects
“Words from the Editor” by Richard Chizmar
“Stephen King News : From the Dead Zone” by Bev Vincent
“The Mothers and Fathers Italian Association” by Thomas F. Monteleone
“MediaDrome” by Michael Marano
“Horror Drive-In” by Mark Sieber
“The Last 10 Books I’ve Read” by Ellen Datlow
“Spotlight on Publishing” by Robert Morrish
“Fine Points” by Ed Gorman <==THAT’S ED GORMAN.  HE’S NOT ME.  BUT HE LIKED MY STORY! *ED GORMAN*!!!
“Cemetery Dance Reviews”
“The Final Question” by Brian James Freeman

I’m going to try and stop geeking out now.  All of this happy dancing is freaking my kids out.


Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy … I’m coming for you.