I’ve been on a bit of a blog hiatus while wrapping up King’s War, the last book in the Knights of Breton Court trilogy.  Now that I’m exiting the writing cave, I can take a look around and catch up on a couple of things:

1)       I’ll be at a signing this Saturday in Lexington, Kentucky as a part of Apex Day, representing Orgy of Souls, Dark Faith, and King Maker.  The ceremonial guest of honor will be Gary A. Braunbeck (To Each Their Darkness and A Cracked and Broken Path). Other featured Apex authors scheduled to be in attendance Mari Adkins (Harlan County Horrors), Sara M. Harvey (The Labyrinth of the Dead and The Convent of the Pure), Jerry Gordon (Dark Faith) and Jason Sizemore. Other authors of note in attendance will be Lucy Snyder (Spellbent), Geoffrey Girard (Tales of Jersey Devil), and Stephen Zimmer (The Exodus Gate).

2)       Speaking of Dark Faith, it was nominated for a Black Quill award from Dark Scribe Magazine.  Readers vote on it, so make with the clicky-clicky.

3)       There are some auctions being held to support K.H. Koehler during some very difficult times. Her mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and endured a double mastectomy. So far, it has been successful, but lack of decent insurance and sick pay has left her dealing with staggering medical bills.

4)       Oh, our annual Broaddus family Christmas party was this past weekend.  We have a few pictures available, but allow me to assure you that none of the movies we make for the party’s entertainment will ever, and let me be clear EVER, hit online.