Today Sally and I celebrate eleven years of marriage (yes, we have an April Fool’s Day anniversary, but that’s only because she vetoed getting married on February 29th).  So naturally I have simply lifted her blog post for my blog.

Guest blog (though she won’t realize it until she gets home) by Sally Broaddus

Today (April 1st – April Fools day) is Maurice and my wedding anniversary, and it’s been 11 years.  I can’t say marriage is easy and fun all the time. It has many ups and downs, and we’ve almost crashed and burned a few times, (truthfully 2009 was a super rough year) but somehow we’ve made it 11 years…. I hope and pray that it get’s better and better from here on out.

Here’s some pictures to show what happened 11 years ago…

Me as a Bride

Um yeah…here are the fellows laughing since Donnell (next to Maurice) fell on the steps on the walk in… it’s all on tape and at the time I knew nothing of this.. since I was out in the lobby waiting to come in .. Maurice told me during the service and them later we played it on the big screen as we were getting pictures done. (thank heaven for video tape)

The girls and guys in our wedding party

Gaye Lynn Strickland (Maid of Honor) and Donnell Stewart (Best man)

Beth Eckerley and Jon Harp,

Natalie Smith (my sister) and Dan Bush

Debi Trumble and Anthony Broaddus (Maurice’s Brother)

The Bride and Groom – Maurice and Sally

We did bird seed… for anyone getting married, I highly suggest doing bubbles…. I ended up with like a pound of bird seed in my hair, and in my dress, it was everywhere…. and it kind of hurts when it hits you.

Our lovely cake….. I was surprised since I was just going to do something much simpler, but Ro (Maurice’s sister) and/or her Mom (Maurice’s mom) wanted to do the cake….. it was very pretty…. funny part was the couple on top of the cake was a white couple that they colored the man brown and colored the girls hair brown, well it worked.

Sally and Maurice eating the cake

Maurice’s mom was in charge of the reception…. which only had me in a couple tense moments about it…. but over all she did a great job…. she went a little over the top but it was all good…. there was an Children’s african dance troop that came and played the drums and danced.. plus even though it was catered, she had made a ton of Jamaician food also. (mmm good stuff)

There was also a DJ so everyone could dance… however we also had a TV in one corner due to it was final 4 weekend and all the guys wanted to see the games. Maurice and I did one dance and then tried to dart for the door (Maurice’s idea) we got stopped a few hundred times and then made our way out of there… off to the honeymoon… in town one night at the Sybaris and then off to Florida for a week.

11 years later, we had two boys along the way and here we are still together….