Every now and then I run across an internet kerfluffle and somewhere in the dialogue there is a comment that I love so hard that I just want to adopt it and give it a nice home.  In this case, a comment by Douglass F. Warrick to wit (and providing no context for this whatsoever):

“I’d rather avoid getting too far into this, since I wasn’t following the initial incident and am therefore not as informed as I like to be when engaging in discussions like this one, but I would like to say this: calling someone a feminist isn’t an insult. I’m a feminist. Part of being a male feminist is recognizing.my privilege. If I say, do, or write something that a woman finds problematic, I see it as my responsibility to seriously consider whether my privilege has gotten the better of me. I understand that if a female friend of mine says, “Dude, that’s sexist,” they don’t always mean, “Dude, YOU are a sexist.” Thankfully, occurrences like this are more the property of my paranoid neurotic imaginings than of reality, but even so, I owe it to them and to myself to seriously consider, in a quiet and private way, whether or not I agree, and whether the words I used might have accidentally caused distress and how. I’m not trying to prescribe behavior or to assign blame. I’m offering the philosophy of my approach in the hopes that it might make conversations like this one more productive.”