It’s that time of the year, for all the good little authors and creatives to post their lists of eligible works as we head into the SFF awards season. I have a novella, a novelette, and a couple short stories for consideration.


Sorcerers (NeoText Books)

EXCLUSIVE: AMC has optioned the rights to Sorcerers, a novella by co-writers Maurice Broaddus and Otis Whitaker and featuring illustrations by internationally renowned artist Jim Mahfood, with plans to adapt it into a series. The short story is a psychedelic urban fantasy about a 30-year-old man from Harlem who comes into his own as a hip hop-inspired sorcerer. It follows Malik Hutchins, the black sheep to one of the most successful families in Harlem. Malik couch-surfs with relatives, parties with his girlfriend, and ghostwrites rhymes for local rappers for a few bucks to finance his lifestyle—but when cocky Malik sells two warring rappers the same verse, he paints a target on his own back. Then on his deathbed, Malik’s beloved grandfather Pop-Pop reveals that Malik is a sorcerer, in the great tradition of African sorcery born on the plains of the rift valley before the beginning of time. Malik is thrown headlong into a quest that winds through the streets of Harlem, to the rural South, and places much farther beyond, places he’s only visited in dreams…


“Bound By Sorrow” in Beneath Ceaseless Skies

From SFF Reviews: “Thematically, this novella is about grief, death, and choices. It is also a story about the power of stories. Its main character, Dinga, and his wise-ass friend, Gerard, are on a quest to deliver Dinga’s dead sister to a city where gods reside, the Dreaming City. Along the way, their journey is interspersed by stories told by Dinga and others they encounter. These narratives give a story-within-a-story feel to the piece that help further illustrate Dinga’s life and mission while building a richly layered history and mythology. You may need to read the story twice to fully grasp all its nuances, but your time will be well spent.”


The Legacy of Alexandria in Apex Magazine
“Cities of Refuge” in Escape Pod


Protests and the Value of Disruption” – Indianapolis Monthly (June 5, 2020)


Fireside Magazine Autumn Issue (2020)

Some of the SFF awards:

Nebula Awards
If you’re a member of the SFWA (any type), you can nominate a work for the Nebula Awards right now.

Hugo Awards
Nominations for the Hugo Awards aren’t open yet, but they will be early in 2020. In order to nominate and vote in the awards, you must be an attending or supporting member of Worldcon 77 (last year’s), Worldcon 78 (this year’s), or Worldcon 79 (next year’s).

World Fantasy Awards
Attendees of the World Fantasy Convention can nominate works to be considered for the World Fantasy Award.